120 Sports Announces Official Launch Partners


CHICAGO, IL/NEW YORK, NY (June 23, 2014) - 120 Sports, a new live-streaming digital sports video programming network set to launch this Wednesday, announced today that GEICO, Nissan, Transamerica and Verizon Wireless have joined as the official launch partners. These four brands share 120 Sports' passion for finding unique ways to connect with a new generation of sports fans and a vision to provide content to this audience in a fresh, innovative format.

"120 Sports is thrilled to work with such a robust team of forward-thinking creative brands as we join forces to introduce a new, never before seen, all-digital sports network," said Jason Coyle, president of 120 Sports.

The groundbreaking enterprise, named 120 Sports for its concept of offering original sports programming in two-minute segments, will feature sports news, highlights and live look-ins, all blended with real-time social conversation. Branded messaging for each launch partner will be created in real time and organically integrated into the hot topics of the 120 Sports viewing experience each day. Original branded features will also be intuitively published at contextually relevant times throughout the programming.

With a vision to shed the rigid constructs of traditional media execution, the fluid nature of 120 Sports lends to a natural and less disruptive brand integration strategy. The 120 Sports video user experience is complimented by a series of patented, interactive data cards that also allow real-time integration of sponsor messaging.

"Our slogan, 'Innovation that Excites,' reflects Nissan's commitment to provide innovative, exciting products to our customers and is at the core of everything we do," said Erich Marx, director, Nissan Interactive Marketing and Social Media. "As the first to launch an original digital network in a highly competitive sports world, 120 Sports shares a fresh, innovative vision with a burning desire to succeed. For Nissan, 120 Sports is an ideal fit for a partnership, and we can't wait to get started."

"At Transamerica, we are founded on a commitment of helping people prepare for tomorrow, connecting through digital and social media is increasingly essential to our success," said Bill Tate, senior Vice President of marketing, Transamerica. "We believe 120 Sports offers an innovative new platform that will change the way people watch and engage sports and we are excited to be on the ground floor."

120 Sports will deliver unauthenticated video programming through a new platform built by MLBAM to intuitively integrate video and data, aligning the complementary resources and marketing muscle of world-class product developers and content creators. The product will debut as a free native application for mobile and tablet devices as well as a web experience at 120Sports.com and other distribution outlets. Equity partners in 120 Sports include Time Inc./ Sports Illustrated, MLB.com, the NHL, Campus Insiders, and Silver Chalice.

To learn more about 120 Sports, visit http://www.120sports.com or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/120Sports and Twitter https://twitter.com/120Sports.