120 Sports Unveils Talent Team



CHICAGO, IL -- 120 Sports, the recently announced, first-of-its-kind network partnership involving multiple leagues and media properties, is pleased to introduce its roster of hosts, co-hosts and update reporters. This diverse, digitally-driven team will serve as the face and voice of the new network that will produce daily live streaming and video on demand programs.

"We searched long and hard to hand-select the right team of talent to bring a new style of sports conversation to fans on all of their favorite digital platforms," said Jason Coyle, President of 120 Sports. "Each of our talent brings, not only, skills, experience and credibility, but their passion as sports fans to the audience every day. We're excited to introduce new faces to sports fans along with new angles of some veterans of the sports world."

Named for its concept of offering original sports programming in two-minute segments, 120 Sports brings together a group of established and up-and-coming personalities to deliver this new format.

The line-up features former ESPN host Michael Kim. With his wealth of experience covering sports around the world and launching new brands, Kim brings vast sports knowledge, passion and voice to the 120 Sports team as a host.

Two-time Super Bowl champion (XL, XLIII) Bryant McFadden (Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals), and former NFL Pro Bowl fullback, Ovie Mughelli (Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons) will join as co-hosts. With a combined 15 years of professional league play under their belts and as life-long sports fans, McFadden and Mughelli will contribute the type of insider analysis that only comes with on-the-field experience of an athlete.

Accompanying Kim as host is sports personality Dave Ross. Ross brings his engaging personality and experience as a producer, reporter and anchor to the fans with tremendous enthusiasm for social media making him an ideal addition to 120 Sports. Serving as host/co-host is Tyler Jacobs, a digital native himself and a rising star as a sports host. A natural born entertainer, Jacobs adds a tireless energy for all things sports to the 120 Sports family. In addition to Mughelli and McFadden, the co-host team will also include three individuals that will bring a fresh perspective to all relevant and trending sports topics of the day. Tim Doyle brings a wealth of knowledge and on the court experience as a former basketball analyst and player at Northwestern. Sharing statistical analysis and a lighter side of comic relief, sports fanatic and improv actor Dylan McGorty adds an eagerness to engage with the sports community in conversation. A master of all trades, Ro Parrish provides experience as an NBA entertainment personality, sports director and on-air host.

As update reporters, 120 Sports welcomes two individuals who will integrate up-to-the-moment social commentary and the voice of the fans as topics are trending into the show. Raised in a family of professional athletes, Alex Schlereth brings a unique insight and perspective to the 120 Sports team. Previously, she contributed to the Fox Sports show "Barfly" as a co-host. Reporting alongside Schlereth will be Laura Britt. After graduating from the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Britt moved to Mississippi and began building her career as a sports anchor and reporter. Britt's experience interacting with fans on-site, in the studio and through social media aligns perfectly to 120 Sports' mission.

Introduced earlier this month and set to premier this spring, 120 Sports will deliver unauthenticated video programming through a new platform built by MLBAM to intuitively integrate video and data, aligning the complementary resources and marketing muscle of world-class product developers and content creators. 120 Sports will produce and distribute a 24-hour live linear network driven by a videocentric, 360-degree look across all sports. The product will debut as a free native application for mobile and tablet devices as well as a web experience at 120Sports.com and other distribution outlets. 120 Sports is an equity partnership among the NHL, MLB.com, Time Inc. /Sports Illustrated and Silver Chalice. Additional information can be found in the 120 Sports venture announcement.

The company expects to introduce additional sports analysts and personalities in the coming weeks.

Full list of talent includes:

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